The Power of ‘X’: Why Brands Are Embracing the ‘X’ Factor in Their Names and Domains

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The letter X in branding

In today’s competitive market, brands are constantly seeking ways to stand out and capture the attention of consumers. One intriguing trend that has emerged is the strategic use of the letter “X” in brand names and domain addresses. From tech giants like SpaceX to innovative platforms like WatsonX, the letter “X” has become synonymous with excellence, modernity, and the unknown. But what is it about this singular letter that makes it so appealing? Let’s delve into the psychology and marketing strategies behind the ‘X’ phenomenon, exploring case studies from leading companies and uncovering why the letter ‘X’ holds such magnetic allure in the branding world. Whether it’s adding a sense of mystery or conveying a futuristic edge, the ‘X’ factor is redefining how brands communicate their value and vision.

The Growing Trend of Companies Adding the Letter “X” to Their Brands

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend among companies to incorporate the letter “X” into their brand identities. This strategic choice isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a deliberate move to convey qualities such as innovation, exclusivity, and forward-thinking. Let’s explore why this trend is gaining momentum and how it’s reshaping the landscape of modern branding strategies.

1. Connotation of Excellence and Premium Quality

The letter “X” often symbolizes excellence and top-tier status. For example, in mathematics, “X” can represent an unknown quantity that needs to be solved, suggesting something that stands out or is unique. In the cases of Capital One’s “Venture X,” SpaceX, and IBM’s “WatsonX,” the “X” conveys a sense of premium quality and exclusivity, appealing to customers looking for high-end products or services.

2. Modern and Futuristic Appeal

“X” has a modern, edgy, and futuristic appeal. It is often used in technology and science fiction to suggest innovation and the cutting edge. Companies like SpaceX and IBM’s “WatsonX” utilize this appeal to attract a younger, tech-savvy demographic and create an image of brands that are forward-thinking and innovative.

3. Mystery and Intrigue

The letter “X” can evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue. It piques curiosity and draws attention, making people want to learn more about the product or service. This can be a powerful marketing tool, as seen with Expedition X, creating a buzz and increasing interest through its sense of adventure and exploration.

4. Simplicity and Memorability

“X” is simple and memorable. In a world where consumers are bombarded with information and advertisements, a brand name that is easy to remember can be a significant advantage. Names like “Venture X” and “SpaceX” are succinct and catchy, making them easier for consumers to recall.

5. Associations with Success and Leadership

In various contexts, “X” can be associated with success and leadership. For example, the Roman numeral “X” represents the number 10, which can imply perfection or reaching the highest standard. This association can make products like “Venture X” and “WatsonX” seem like leaders in their respective categories.

6. Differentiation from Competitors

Adding “X” to a brand name can help differentiate it from competitors. It makes the brand stand out in the marketplace and can signal that it offers something extra or different from similar products. For Capital One, “Venture X” might suggest a superior or more feature-rich product compared to other credit cards, much like how SpaceX and Expedition X differentiate themselves within their industries.

Case Studies of a Few Companies Using X in Their Domain Nam

Case Study: Capital One’s “Venture X”

Capital One, a prominent financial institution, expanded its credit card offerings with the introduction of the “Venture X” rewards card. This new card is positioned as a premium travel rewards credit card, catering to affluent customers seeking exclusive benefits and enhanced travel experiences. By leveraging the letter “X,” Capital One aims to convey excellence, exclusivity, and innovation, aligning the card with the elite status of its target market.

Reasons for Using “X” in the Domain Name

  1. Symbol of Excellence and Premium Status
    • The letter “X” is often associated with superior quality and high status. By incorporating “X” into the card’s name, Capital One signals that the Venture X card is a step above standard offerings, providing top-tier benefits and services.
  2. Modern and Futuristic Appeal
    • “X” has a modern and cutting-edge connotation, suggesting that the Venture X card is designed with the latest trends and technology in mind. This appeals to tech-savvy, forward-thinking consumers who value innovation in their financial products.
  3. Exclusivity and Elite Membership
    • The “X” in Venture X hints at exclusivity and a club-like experience, resonating with customers who seek unique and premium experiences. It suggests that cardholders are part of an exclusive group with access to superior perks.
  4. Adventure and Exploration
    • The term “Venture” combined with “X” evokes a sense of adventure and exploration. This is particularly appealing for a travel rewards card, as it aligns with the desires of travelers seeking new and extraordinary experiences.

The use of “X” in brand names is a strategic decision that taps into various psychological and marketing principles. It conveys excellence, modernity, mystery, simplicity, success, and differentiation. Understanding these reasons can help explain why companies like Capital One opt for names like “Venture X” to position their products effectively in the market.

The introduction of the Venture X card by Capital One showcases the strategic use of the letter “X” to convey excellence, exclusivity, and innovation. By aligning the card’s branding with these attributes, Capital One effectively targets a premium market segment, offering a range of luxury travel benefits and rewards. The success of Venture X illustrates the power of the “X” factor in branding, creating a strong, memorable identity that resonates with consumers seeking top-tier experiences.

Case Study: Discovery Channel’s “Expedition X”

Discovery Channel’s “Expedition X” is another example of how the letter “X” can be used effectively in branding.

“Expedition X” is a television series on the Discovery Channel that explores mysterious and unexplained phenomena. The show is a spin-off of the popular series “Expedition Unknown,” hosted by Josh Gates, and features Gates along with scientists and explorers Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres.


The show is positioned as an adventurous and investigative series that delves into the unknown. By using the letter “X,” the title emphasizes the exploration of the extraordinary and the mysterious, aligning with the content’s focus on unexplained events, cryptids, and paranormal phenomena.

Reasons for Using “X” in the Domain Name

  1. Mystery and Intrigue
    • The letter “X” inherently suggests mystery and the unknown, which is a perfect fit for a show that investigates unexplained phenomena. It captures the essence of exploration and discovery, enticing viewers who are curious about the mysteries of the world.
  2. Brand Continuity
    • As a spin-off of “Expedition Unknown,” using “X” in the title helps maintain continuity with the original brand while signaling that this show explores even more enigmatic subjects. It creates a cohesive brand identity while differentiating the new series.
  3. Edginess and Modern Appeal
    • “X” gives the title a modern and edgy feel, which can attract a younger, more adventurous audience. It suggests that the show is cutting-edge and delves into topics that are not covered by traditional documentaries.
  4. Simplification and Memorability
    • “Expedition X” is a simple and memorable title. It is easy to recall and stands out among other show titles, making it easier for viewers to remember and recommend to others.
  5. Connotation of Investigation and Exploration
    • In pop culture, “X” is often associated with investigation and exploration (e.g., “The X-Files”). This connotation aligns perfectly with the show’s theme of investigating the unknown and conducting exploratory missions.

“Expedition X” effectively uses the letter “X” to convey the show’s focus on mystery, exploration, and the unknown. This branding strategy not only attracts a curious and adventurous audience but also maintains continuity with the original “Expedition Unknown” series while standing out as a distinct and compelling show. The success of “Expedition X” demonstrates how the strategic use of “X” can enhance a brand’s identity and appeal.

Case Study: SpaceX

SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk, is a pioneering aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp., better known as SpaceX, was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs to enable the colonization of Mars. The company has achieved numerous milestones in space technology, including the development of the Falcon and Starship rockets, the Dragon spacecraft, and a series of successful missions to the International Space Station (ISS).

Naming and Branding

The name “SpaceX” is a shortened form of “Space Exploration Technologies.” The choice of incorporating the letter “X” is strategic and significant, aligning with several key branding principles.

Reasons for Using “X” in the Domain Name

  1. Symbol of Exploration and the Unknown
    • The letter “X” is often associated with exploration and the unknown, which is fitting for a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of space travel. It signifies a journey into uncharted territories and the quest for new discoveries.
  2. Modern and Futuristic Appeal
    • “X” has a modern, edgy, and futuristic connotation, which aligns with SpaceX’s mission to innovate and revolutionize space travel. It suggests a forward-thinking approach and cutting-edge technology.
  3. Excellence and Innovation
    • “X” can symbolize excellence and top-tier performance. SpaceX aims to lead the space industry with superior technology and ambitious goals, and the “X” in its name reflects this pursuit of excellence.
  4. Simplicity and Memorability
    • The name “SpaceX” is concise and easy to remember. In an industry where names can be lengthy and technical, “SpaceX” stands out as simple yet powerful, making it memorable and recognizable globally.
  5. Association with Success and Leadership
    • The use of “X” can also denote success and leadership, suggesting that SpaceX is at the forefront of the space industry. This aligns with Elon Musk’s vision of making SpaceX a leader in space exploration and transportation.
  6. Alignment with Technological and Pop Culture
    • “X” is commonly used in technology and pop culture to denote something that is experimental, innovative, or on the cutting edge (e.g., “The X-Files,” “Xbox”). This association reinforces SpaceX’s image as a technological pioneer.

The use of “X” in SpaceX’s name is a deliberate and effective branding choice that encapsulates the company’s mission of exploration, innovation, and leadership in the space industry. It conveys a sense of mystery, modernity, excellence, and simplicity, making it a powerful and memorable brand. SpaceX’s success story illustrates how strategic naming and branding can significantly contribute to a company’s identity and market position.

Case Study: IBM’s WatsonX

IBM’s WatsonX is an AI and data platform that leverages IBM’s expertise in artificial intelligence to provide advanced AI solutions.

WatsonX is part of IBM’s suite of AI tools, building on the legacy of the original Watson AI system, which gained fame after winning the quiz show Jeopardy! in 2011. WatsonX represents an evolution in IBM’s AI capabilities, offering a comprehensive AI and data platform designed to help businesses scale and accelerate their AI initiatives.

Naming and Branding

The name “WatsonX” combines the established brand “Watson” with the letter “X.” This combination is strategic, leveraging both brand recognition and the connotations associated with “X.”

Reasons for Using “X” in the Domain Name

  1. Symbol of Advancement and Next Generation
    • The letter “X” suggests something advanced and next-generation. WatsonX implies that it is a significant evolution from the original Watson, offering enhanced and cutting-edge AI capabilities.
  2. Emphasis on Excellence and Innovation
    • “X” often symbolizes excellence, precision, and the best in its class. This aligns with IBM’s goal to position WatsonX as a leading AI platform that delivers superior performance and innovative solutions.
  3. Modern and Futuristic Appeal
    • The inclusion of “X” gives the brand a modern and futuristic appeal, suggesting that WatsonX is at the forefront of technological advancements in AI.
  4. Flexibility and Scalability
    • “X” can imply something expansive and versatile. WatsonX is designed to be a flexible platform that can scale across various industries and applications, from data analysis to machine learning and AI integration.
  5. Continuity and Brand Recognition
    • By retaining the “Watson” name, IBM leverages the strong brand equity and recognition already associated with Watson. The addition of “X” differentiates it as a new, more advanced product while maintaining continuity with the established brand.
  6. Association with Exploration and Discovery
    • “X” is often linked to exploration and discovery, as seen in terms like “expedition” and “experiment.” This aligns with WatsonX’s purpose of exploring new AI capabilities and discovering insights from data.

The name “WatsonX” strategically combines the legacy of IBM’s Watson brand with the innovative and advanced connotations of the letter “X.” This branding choice effectively communicates the platform’s next-generation capabilities, excellence, and flexibility. WatsonX’s branding aligns with IBM’s mission to lead in AI technology and provide comprehensive solutions that drive business transformation.

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